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Print The first step to collecting marbles is to try and educate yourself regarding the varieties of marbles available in the market. Resources such as websites and books can be extremely handy in this journey. You can also attend marble shows in your area to know about collecting marbles as a hobby. Marbles is a great hobby because it allows for individual or group participation. The varied types, styles, sizes, and colors of the marbles lend a unique look to any collection. There is also no limit to how many one can collect, or to how they can be used or displayed. A German glassblower invented a tool called the marble scissors in that allowed for the public to have ready access to marbles. Young boys used to collect marbles and play with them during the early 20th century, in the pre-war eras. At that time, marble collecting as a hobby was very popular. Most of the marbles collected by the young boys were later sold in estate auctions and were purchased by antique dealers.

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Saratoga Springs, New York, Ships to: Dating to the s, this bag contains an array of colorful rainbow glass marbles. The tag at the front indicates rules, strategies, and different games to play. As pictured, the marbles are in the original packaging.

Also linked to the Dating page is a sub-page called Examples of Dating Historic Bottles which tracks a few different bottles through a dating and general information quest to illustrate how the dating process and this website work.

Unlike their virtual counterpart, the old-fashioned Filipino toys nurtured our creativity and built a sense of teamwork among our peers. Heck, you can even create your own toys by using what was already available around you. Necessity, after all, is the mother of invention. Here are a few unforgettable toys and games that will make every true Pinoy extremely nostalgic: Wikimedia Commons Slingshot is one of the oldest toys in the world, dating as far back as ancient times when it was used both as a weapon and hunting tool.

A leather pocket attached to the strips is pulled back in order to launch the projectile—usually a stone or a seed. The goal is to distribute the shells in a counterclockwise fashion, with the player who gathers the most number of shells in his or her home base declared as the winner. Although considered as a toy by many, the sungka board is also used by some Filipinos to foretell future events. Wikimedia Commons Another popular toy that traces its roots to ancient civilizations, the marbles come in different sizes and are usually made of glass with melted pigments.


Postcard collecting has been a popular hobby for a long time, and the online auction site, eBay has made the hobby accessible to more people than even. The portability of the items, relatively inexpensive prices, and the wide variety of subject matter add the the attractiveness of old postcards. Some old postcards are truly antiques, being over years old. The first commercially produced postcards were introduced to the United States in

This helps to date vintage clothing, quilts, rag dolls, stuffed animals, and other items made using cloth. However, additives in modern laundry detergents can cause old fabrics to glow under ultraviolet light if they have been cleaned with these products.

While collectors of vintage glass often purchase these pieces for display, many others maintain them for everyday use. Glassware produced from the late th through the mid th century is considered the pinnacle of glassmaking and thus one of the most popular eras to collect in the market. Vintage glassware encompasses many types of decorative and functional objects including glasses, plates, vases, and bowls. They range from simple and affordable to ornate and extravagant.

As a starting point for new collectors and seasoned enthusiasts, this guide compiles the most notable styles. The History of Antique and Vintage Glassware Although glass objects have been produced as early as the Bronze Age, the more modern technique of cut glass dates back approximately 2, years. Glassmakers would hold a cooled piece of glass to a grinding wheel to carve fine grooves, intricate patterns, and compelling designs.

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November 3, Getty Images If you’re the type of mibster that has knuckled down with a taw and shot for an aggie duck, then you already know quite a bit about mibs. If you’re among the many people who have no idea what any of that means, stick around as we explore the history of marbles. Rolling Through History Believe it or not, but no one really knows where marbles originated.

They’ve been found in the ashes of Pompeii and in the tombs of ancient Egyptians, and they were played with by Native American tribes, so it’s impossible to pin down a precise country of origin.

The mechanized production of glass marbles was developed in the United States in the first quarter of the 20th Century. The Golden Age of machine made marbles is dominated by marbles from such companies as M.F. Christensen & Son, Christensen Agate, Akro Agate and Peltier Glass.

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Levesque ; Updated April 12, The history of marbles traces back to ancient China, and marbles were also found in the great pyramids of Egypt. Today’s collectible marbles are from the late s and newer; usually they are machine-made or contemporary. Marble collecting is all about displaying specific-colored marbles. Size, quality and design are important. Those who used to “knuckle down” are now polishing their eye loupes for a closer look at their old playthings.

Identifying rare antique marbles Antique marbles are collected the world over, with rare examples traded for thousands of dollars. Early, handmade examples produced in Germany are particularly sought after. Following the outbreak of World War I, sales of American machine-made marble.

Clay and Crockery Marbles Clay Manufactured mainly in the last part of the nineteenth and the early part of the twentieth century, they are probably the latest of what are considered antique marbles, and the most numerous. The marbles were made both in Europe and in the United States, and possibly produced in other areas as well. A few clay marbles often were made by workmen for their children at factories which produced tile or other products. Factories producing clay marbles as a major product for sale were less numerous.

The first American factory was probably that owned by C. Dyke in South Akron, Ohio, in This factory enjoyed such a large business that it developed an output of 30, marbles a day.

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Since collecting marbles is such a common hobby, it’s important to understand a bit about what makes old and new marbles different. Here are six differences as well as a few tips to help people get a marble collection started. The History of Marbles Thousands of years ago, Egyptians seemed to believe that a marble made of animal bones could be used as a sort of spiritual medium.

Meanwhile, other civilizations focused their use of marbles on recreation. An ancient child’s tomb in modern-day Nepal was found to contain marbles, and Cretan children were known to use agate marbles for games.

Denne Pinnen ble oppdaget av marlo keith. Oppdag (og lagre!) dine egne Pins på Pinterest.

January 20, by admin In this article I have explained a few techniques on how to date and test for authenticity of antiques using a black light. Black lights produce Ultra Violet UV. Many materials fluoresce under ultraviolet lighting producing colors or light that our eyes can see, and making things that might go undetected visible to us.

Some clues to age or telltale signs of repair are not easily visible to the naked eye, but will fluoresce under ultraviolet light black light. The following techniques should be used in conjunction with other authenticating tools or research. Authenticating Glassware Both green Depression glass and Vaseline glass will glow under a black light due to the uranium oxide content in the glass. American colorless pressed glass made before is said to fluoresce yellow, while reproductions generally do not.

It is said that American brilliant cut glass casts a yellow hue under ultraviolet light. American brilliant cut glass is also said to glow pale violet or blue. Given the discrepancies, I suggest following up with further research or consulting a specialist to ensure the authenticity of the cut glass. Lalique art glass made before fluoresces yellow, Lalique made after does not.

7 Tips to Authenticate Antiques Using Black (UV) Light

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/head> Fulham Road, London, SW6 1HL The first of 2 marbles to be sold seperately is the rare 2 inch heavy solid paper mache marble dating from the mid .

For example, a marble and inlaid semi-precious stone table from about to sold at Sotheby’s for 3, , British pounds in This was a very fine and rare example, but being four centuries old increased its value significantly. While you aren’t likely to find something as old as this table in your local antique shop, you will encounter examples dating back to the s and s if you look carefully.

Tables from the Victorian era are common, though still valuable. Tables from the early and middle 20th century also have value, especially to those who love to decorate with the simpler lines of this era. You can find examples for a few hundred dollars, such as this vintage Art Deco cast iron and marble table on Etsy. Condition, Quality, and Rarity The materials used in a table can have a huge effect on how much it is worth. Something that started out as excellent quality will still be excellent quality centuries later.

At the time it was commissioned in about , the rarity of the black marble and the fine rosewood would have made this a costly purchase. Time has only added to its value. Condition will also impact value. A table that’s in nearly perfect condition or excellent shape for its age will fetch top dollar.

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These knives were made both marked and unmarked. They were also made with a single edge and a double edge blade.. The double edge blade is still covered in old grease. The scabbard has pistol belt hooks added and is marked “E.

glass marbles are highly collectible, from handmade examples by German glassmakers of the s to vintage marbles made by machine in the early 20th century by U.S. companies like Christensen, Peltier Glass, Akro Agate, and Vitro Agate.

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At top is an M. How these two fit into the scheme of things is detailed here. Lower knife courtesy David Shirley. In a word, the knife is legendary. And for all of this we have to thank Rowland; with the help of the Marble Safety Axe Co.

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Swat the Shopping Bug to view related military items! No matter how advanced the technology, a good knife always has a place in battle. A special breed of knives saw extensive development during WWII. Known as the “fighting knife”. While it could be employed for the uses of a regular knife, its primary goal was for hand-to-hand combat. The design, balance and materials employed varied from the run of the mill knife.

This information is brought to you courtesy of MilitaryItems. The company was founded in Following its financial collapse and take-over it was renamed the Union Cutlery Company. KA-BAR was initially a trademark.

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