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The town is used as a stepping stone for those interested in visiting Myanmar, but it also boasts a lot to do in its own right. Mae Sai is a great place to go shopping at the local markets, and some of the most popular souvenirs to pick up include jewels imported from Myanmar and items carved from local sandalwood. Nan Where to Stay In the 14th century, Nan was a thriving city-state in the Lanna Kingdom, and it was able to prosper thanks to its location halfway between Chiang Mai and Luang Prabang. Nan was only reabsorbed back into Thailand officially in , and the local people are fiercely proud of their home and their heritage. In Nan, start by visiting the Nan National Museum, housed in the palace where the last two feudal lords of the city lived. Artifacts show that humans have resided in the city for more than 1, years, and many of its historical landmarks reflect that heritage. Within the ancient city, admire the architecture of the Wat Phra That Lampang Luang and spot the beautiful 19th century murals. On Saturday and Sunday nights, the city of Lampang comes to life thanks to the Gad Gong Tha night market, where you can buy snacks, meals, drinks and souvenirs. The city that typically serves as the gateway to that Golden Triangle is Chiang Rai.

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An artist’s impression of a proposed B-Line stop at Collaroy. The Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, said the bus stops would be “architecturally designed” and include modern facilities. But Mr Constance said about additional weekly services will be added to northern beaches routes next year to fill gaps before the opening of the B-Line. The state government said it would also consider rolling out B-Line services to other fast-growing areas of Sydney such as its south-west.

Premier Baird said the , population of the northern beaches did not support a heavy rail line and the state government was investing in buses in the meantime. But the government would continue to work towards the establishment of a road tunnel connecting the northern beaches and the CBD, the Premier said.

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Like beach front property in Arizona, they managed to sell its stone beaches to the Hollywood stars while they relax on some of the world’s finest soft white sand beaches Greece’s finest Sand Beaches Halkidiki or as some spell it – Chalkidiki, is the three pronged peninsula just south of Thessaloniki. Kassandra – the first peninsula to the west, is a well organized holiday paradise, featuring 5 – star resorts such as the world class Sani Resort. The second finger moving east is called Sithonia – mountainous and laid back where every turn reveals a postcard picture beach.

These two peninsulas are embellished with the finest sand beaches that Greece has to offer. Welcome to the playground of the Greeks – Halkidiki!

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But for now, drive about 20 minutes north on the to More Mesa and avoid getting a possible ticket.

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Durban has an awesome climate all year round, and even in the middle of winter it is fair enough to sun tan at the beach. About a year ago, my girlfriend of 2 years, Katy and I were going through the nature trail in the gorgeous Hawaan forest, located at the northern end of Umhlanga. The trail is about a 20 minute walk through indigenous forest and wetland, and after crossing the picturesque river, comes out onto the beach. Here we discovered absolute paradise.

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In the Victorian era , many popular beach resorts were equipped with bathing machines because even the all-covering beachwear of the period was considered immodest. This social standard still prevails in many Muslim countries. At the other end of the spectrum are topfree beaches and nude beaches where clothing is optional or not allowed. In most countries social norms are significantly different on a beach in hot weather, compared to adjacent areas where similar behavior might not be tolerated and might even be prosecuted.

In more than thirty countries in Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Costa Rica, South America and the Caribbean , the best recreational beaches are awarded Blue Flag status, based on such criteria as water quality and safety provision. Subsequent loss of this status can have a severe effect on tourism revenues. Beaches are often dumping grounds for waste and litter, necessitating the use of beach cleaners and other cleanup projects.

More significantly, many beaches are a discharge zone for untreated sewage in most underdeveloped countries ; even in developed countries beach closure is an occasional circumstance due to sanitary sewer overflow. In these cases of marine discharge, waterborne disease from fecal pathogens and contamination of certain marine species are a frequent outcome. The soothing qualities of a beach and the pleasant environment offered to the beachgoer are replicated in artificial beaches, such as “beach style” pools with zero-depth entry and wave pools that recreate the natural waves pounding upon a beach.

In a zero-depth entry pool , the bottom surface slopes gradually from above water down to depth. Another approach involves so-called urban beaches , a form of public park becoming common in large cities. Urban beaches attempt to mimic natural beaches with fountains that imitate surf and mask city noises, and in some cases can be used as a play park.

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The Friuli Adriatic offers not only beaches equipped for those holiday-makers who love to have all possible comforts available to them Sistiana and Ginestre , but also more secluded beaches for those who seek greater tranquility. The generally less well-known resorts Costa dei Barbari, Duino usually have little eating-places with simple cuisine, and are certain to offer good fish dishes.

There are a ways sports facilities for tennis, horse-riding, football and, of course, sailing. A holiday here also gives you the chance to get into the sport of potholing – a sport which started up in the Carso area over a hundred years ago and offers a way to explore thousands of underground caves, or else rock climbing, for example, on the natural rock – face for trainingclimbers in the Rosandra valley, just a short distance from Trieste.

Dec 14,  · Norfolk. Just 15 miles west of Virginia Beach is Norfolk’s Ocean View Beach, which stretches continuously along 8 miles of the Chesapeake Bay.. Norfolk’s four city beaches are wide with gentle surf, lifeguards in the summer, picnic pavilions and free parking.

Richmond Various “gateways” to the North For government and statistical purposes, Northern England is defined as the area covered by the three statistical regions of North East England , North West England and Yorkshire and the Humber. This definition will be used in this article, except when otherwise stated. Northern England as defined along historic county boundaries Other definitions use historic county boundaries, in which case the North is generally taken to comprise Cumberland , Northumberland, Westmorland , County Durham, Lancashire and Yorkshire , often supplemented by Cheshire, [3] or are drawn without reference to human borders, using geographic features such as the River Mersey and River Trent.

More recently, the Chesterfield , North East Derbyshire , Bolsover , and Derbyshire Dales districts have joined with districts of South Yorkshire to form the Sheffield City Region , along with the Bassetlaw district of Nottinghamshire, although for all other purposes these districts still remain in their respective East Midlands counties. The geographer Danny Dorling includes most of the West Midlands and part of the East Midlands in his definition of the North, claiming that “ideas of a midlands region add more confusion than light”.

When asked to draw a dividing line between North and South, Southerners tend to draw this line further south than Northerners do. Through the North of England run the Pennines , an upland chain, often referred to as “the backbone of England”, which stretches from the Tyne Gap to the Peak District. Glaciers carved deep, craggy valleys in the central uplands, and, when they melted, deposited large quantities of fluvio-glacial material in lowland areas like the Cheshire and Solway Plains.

Dense urban areas have emerged along the coasts and rivers, and they run almost contiguously into each other in places. The needs of trade and industry have produced an almost continuous thread of urbanisation from the Wirral Peninsula to Doncaster , taking in the cities of Liverpool , Manchester , Leeds , and Sheffield , with a population of at least 7.

Climate of the United Kingdom Northern England has a cool, wet oceanic climate with small areas of subpolar oceanic climate in the uplands. Its temperature range and sunshine duration is similar to the UK average and it sees substantially less rain than Scotland or Wales. These averages disguise considerable variation across the region, due chiefly to the upland regions and adjacent seas. The area has a reputation for cloud and fog — especially along its east coast, which experiences a distinctive sea fog known as fret — although the Clean Air Act and decline of heavy industry have seen sunshine duration increase in urban areas in recent years.

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The plan is to commence minor works such as tree and vegetation clearing and small footpath sections prior to Christmas and then major works to commence once the school year has commenced to avoid peak times. Council will be in contact with key community members and residents to discuss the construction program prior to any works commencing With the head contractor now appointed we are working towards a construction start date. Council will be in contact with key community members and residents to discuss the construction program prior to any works commencing about 1 year ago We are pleased to announce the appointment of Lloyds Construction for the Palm Beach Walkway project.

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This little island in the Atlantic has some big beach game. From the southern coast of England to the northern reaches of Scotland, these are the UK’s best beaches. To add to the attractions, Porthcurno is overlooked by the wonderful open-air Minack Theatre. Huge clay cliffs loom down over a flat, sandy beach that easily soaks up the bucket-and-spade crowds.

The waves pound upon the sand, churning up milky froth and spitting salty spray up into your face. Watch the surfers from a height up on the cliff top, where the Tennyson Trail laces its way along the coastline. Brooding Bamburgh Castle, dating from Norman times, overlooks the golden sands, forming a marvellous, moody backdrop. Rhossili Beach, Wales Wales has plenty of incredible beaches, and Rhossili Beach is certainly one of them. Be warned that the path down to the beach is very steep.

Beadnell Beach, Northumberland You could walk for miles here and not see a soul most likely in the winter, of course. Diving is also popular, as there are many shipwrecks in the local waters. Bigbury-on-Sea, Devon Bigbury-on-Sea on the South Devon coast is a particularly child-friendly beach, with shallow waters and clean sand as well as numerous rock pools to examine — so bring your fishing net, plastic bucket and unshakeable enthusiasm for marine beasties.

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